Quick Edit Checks Before Your Co-registration Campaign Goes Live

So you put in the time, effort, research, strategizing, and organization that it takes to create a co-registration campaign. You crafted the perfect message, came up with a winning call to action, and you set all the right goals. And now all that's left to do is launch!

Well, not so fast. There are some things you need to check first to make sure your campaign will really be the hit you want it to be.

Here are some quick edit checks to do before your co-registration campaign goes live:

Check #1 - Target Audience

Even if you've defined your target audience when you set your coreg campaign goals, do a quick check to determine if you need to refine it even more.

For example, if your campaign is targeting females only, would adding a filter to target certain age groups help you find more ideal customers?

Be aware that each new layer of targeting you add will narrow the reach of your campaign, so only use demographic filters that will actually help you achieve your goals. Aim for targeting that gets you qualified leads but at the same time won't restrict lead volume more than you want.

Check #2 - Marketing Copy

Read through all your coreg campaign copy. In addition to proofreading for any typos, you will also want to read through the wording from a customer perspective.

Is the tone friendly and conversational, or is it too formal? Avoid using fancy vocabulary or technical jargon, as these will do nothing but distract.

Is the marketing message easy to understand, and is the call to action clear? Customers do not want to interact with something that is too frustrating to figure out, so keep things simple.

Finally, did you include all the information and details that matter?

Check #3 - Promotional Images

Like with your marketing copy, you will also want to check your promotional images from a customer perspective.

Images should be attractive and capture attention, but they also need to fit your brand and be relevant to your offer and message. Make sure the size and quality of the images will work well with the website where your coreg campaign will be placed.

When images align with your offer and the website where it is presented, visitors are able to make a connection that will overcome any objections they have to signing up.

Another thing to check is if your competitors are using the same image somewhere, especially if you are using stock photos or graphics. If so, and you or your client still want to use the photo or graphic, look into some creative ways to customize it and set it apart from your competition.

Check #4 - Landing Pages

In order to drive the most conversions possible, your landing page should be custom designed and well-optimized with your coreg campaign goals in mind.

Get rid of any visual clutter, as you want visitors to be able to focus on your offer and call to action. Keep registration forms straightforward and as short as possible (depending on the offer, of course). Asking for too many details or giving too many options to choose from will only confuse your visitors, or cause them to lose interest.

Finally, A/B test everything to make sure it works properly, especially if you are asking qualifying questions with multiple steps during the sign-up process.

Check #5 - Tracking

Don't make the mistake of not setting up tracking before you launch your coreg campaign. Work together with your marketing team to think ahead and set the right measures for success according to your overall campaign goals.

You want to have tracking in place before launch, so everyone can stay on top of the progress from the outset. Your team needs a way to know what is and isn't working, so they can look for opportunities to make changes that will refocus the strategy whenever something isn't meeting goals the way you anticipated. This will also help everyone to stay on top of any issues that arise so they can be corrected in a timely matter.

For coreg campaigns, it is especially important to keep track of your traffic sources in order to simplify the scaling process. As you add additional sources to the marketing mix over time, tracking will show you where to focus your spending so you can allocate more budget to the most profitable sources.


Launching a new co-registration campaign is exciting, but rushing it will not get you the results you're looking for. The best campaigns are the ones that are well planned and thoroughly tested, so take the time to do some quick edit checks like the ones listed above!


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