How Effective is Email Marketing Today?

Since the dawn of the social media and mobile technology age, there has been a common misconception amongst bloggers, writers and self-proclaimed experts that email is a thing of the past. However, recent research indicates that this could not be further from the truth.

Market research firm Ask Your Target Market conducted a survey that shows how email marketing is even more effective than previously believed. The survey found that 58% of respondents said that they “sometimes make purchases because of emails they receive from brands.” This means that nearly 60% of people consider making a purchase, giving marketers an excellent opportunity to increase customer acquisition and drive sales.

Additionally, the survey found that fewer than 40% of survey respondents are unlikely to consider making a purchase, with 27% saying that they rarely do, and just 9% saying that they never do. That’s a pretty low number, considering how much spam people also get in their inbox!

Although social media and new innovations will continue to take over the traditional ways people think about marketing, email is still a very effective means of communication between brands and their customers. Social media involves more interactions, but the inbox provides a more intimate and private environment, allowing more personal content to attract consumers. Email is also effective because it’s permission-based, meaning the people on your email list have already given you the go-ahead to send them messages!

This knowledge, along with Ask Your Target Market’s survey, confirms that there are great opportunities ahead for those that invest in email marketing. Even with the variety of ways to promote brands and products nowadays, marketers that keep up with the latest strategies for optimizing their emails will be the big winners in the end.


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