How to Create Offers that Capture the Leads You Want

Although there are an abundance of lead generation methods available today, generating the kind of qualified leads that you want can be a challenge at times. As many marketers already know, no matter what methods you use, the foundation of your lead generation strategy should always be content. High-quality, engaging content is what will make leads interested in your offer in the first place!

For your offers to attract the kind of interest you're looking for, creating great content that is entertaining, informative and relevant to potential customers is essential. So how can you transform your content into offers that will capture the attention you're looking for?

Below are a few tried and tested things to always have in place for each offer you create. Take a look and see for yourself - you'll likely find that every successful lead generation campaign incorporates these elements in one way or another.

A true sense of who is being targeted

Before you focus on tailoring your offers to say or display just the right thing, you need to identify who exactly your target customer is. Develop buyer personas with your sales and creative teams so everyone who is involved with the creation and execution of your offer understands the interests, preferences and buying habits of your desired customers. Marketing is a team sport, and when sales and creative departments are aligned, they can work together to create more targeted offers that attract more qualified leads.

A great title

Even though most people were taught as children to not judge a book by its cover, they still do. If you have a bad title, even if you have a great offer, you won't get the kind of interest you think you will. Your title is what drives the reader to your content, so put some effort into creating one that communicates the true value of your offer to the customer. A good way to get started is by creating two titles and utilizing A/B testing to track which one resonated the most with your traffic.

Copy that avoids industry jargon and clichés

We've all seen them - words and phrases like "robust," "cutting edge," "ground breaking," and "best of breed." These jargon terms, and many others, are over-used in all corners of the industry. They may be meant to make your company look more professional and add emphasis to a particular point of content, but instead they just make the customer's eyes roll. Avoid using them in any part of your offer, and instead focus on writing copy that reads clear and is easy to understand.

Displays of popularity

If you can show that other people are signing up for and participating in your offer, you will add instant value to it. Social media is constantly evolving, making it easier for customers to be a part of an online community, share their experiences with one another, and follow what the people in their social circle are doing and saying. People see proof in numbers, so highlight the popularity of your product or service by displaying your social sharing rates, blog/email newsletter subscriptions, and positive testimonials somewhere in your offer. Doing so helps to establish your credibility and build trust, prompting the customer to overcome any doubt or concern they may have about moving forward.

Use of an element of scarcity

Scarcity has a psychological influence on the customer, making them want something more if there is a threat of it going away. Adding an element of scarcity, such as a deal for short time or promotion for a limited quantity, is a great way to grab attention and make your offer more appealing. It also creates a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to buy now instead of later.

Something that stands out from the competition

While you may not always win customers based on the affordability of your product or service, you can win by explaining how it is different. Make sure your offer showcases what makes your product or service unique. The companies that put it all out there and define their expertise are the ones who get noticed!

A memorable user experience

So you captured their attention - but now what? If you want customers to land on your website and stay on it long enough to explore your product or service and potentially make a purchase or sign up, you need to give them with a memorable experience. Studies show that most customers are willing to pay more for a better buying experience, so pay regular attention to the performance and speed of your website, and keep up with the latest design trends. Using a mobile-ready design is also crucial.

Have you seen an offer that makes use of these elements? Feel free to share it with us in the comments!


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