How to Integrate Email with other Marketing Mediums

Success in today’s marketplace is dependent upon a strategic integration of various marketing approaches. In our last post, we explained 3 techniques that seem to stand out in regards to increasing sales and improving overall marketing efforts. In this post we will focus on perhaps the most effective of the 3: Email.

If email isn’t on your list of preferred marketing approaches, then you are missing out! According to BlueHornet’s report on consumer views of email marketing, 98% of the nearly 2,000 consumers polled said that they are influenced by marketing emails to make a purchase. With stats like this, it’s easy to see that email should not be overlooked, even if you are a strong proponent of another method.

Here are some quick ideas on how you can start incorporating email with today’s most talked-about marketing mediums:

Email & Social Media. Email can help get your social sharing rolling. Send an email newsletter that includes a call to action to share your content or provides an incentive for doing do. Alternatively, you can send emails to influential people and blogs, asking them to share your content and offering to do the same for them. This will connect your brand with theirs and encourage their audience to engage with your audience and brand.

Email & Mobile SMS. Email can help pick up some new names for your SMS marketing database. Send a promotional offer through email and ask recipients to text a code to a specific number, which will then respond to them with the discount code. This not only allows you to capture a new phone number, but also engages the customer by offering them something in return.

Email & Content Marketing. Email can help you control how you target your content. Set rules to deliver specific content when a recipient interacts in a certain way, such as when they click on a link in the email. You can also include a way for the recipient to choose their preferences for certain types of content. Either way, email will provide a means for you to target the right content to the right consumer, and communicate to them that they can expect personalized, relevant content from your company.

Email & Video Marketing. Email can help increase exposure for your videos. Create a regular series of short videos and send links to them as a part of an email blast each week. Email offers a direct-connect with an opt-in audience that will be notified whenever you post another video, jump-starting views and making it easy to share with others (just hit forward!) Also, whenever a subscriber wants to re-watch or reference your video, they won’t have to look any further than their inbox.


How have you integrated email with your marketing mix? Leave us a comment below and share your experience!


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