7 Statistics That Prove Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Can marketers still obtain success with email? It's one of the oldest marketing channels still in use, and the necessary tactics to make it work seem to change from day to day. However, even a quick look at the latest statistics will show that email continues to offer value to marketers everywhere, today more than ever.

Earlier this month, Nora Young, Content Manager at Websites That Sell, shared a great infographic with statistics that prove the fact that email marketing is alive and well. Check out her findings below, and make sure to share her infographic with all the marketers you know who are considering email as a potential channel to add to their marketing strategy.


[spacer height="16px"]Some ignore email marketing, as they value other marketing techniques such as television, social media, creating their own websites, video streaming sites and the like. Little do they know, disregarding email marketing from their strategy removes a huge chunk of their possible business success. It is still email marketing that emerges on the top spot when you are talking about marketing. The statistics show that email, amongst all the other marketing strategies, is the best and most effective way to introduce a business, make a business visible to public and maximise the potential of a business to get the most earnings.



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