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Do you ever feel like your company focuses too much on goals and metrics... too much on results? What ever happened to the creative side of the marketing industry? Isn't that why many of us were drawn to it in the first place?

Sometimes we all just need a little time to focus more on our roles as content creators. This is how the freshest and most unique content - the kind that customers love - is often thought up!

And since we are focusing on creativity as our original attraction to the marketing industry, why not also take this opportunity to remember one of internet marketing's first loves - Co-registration!

Did you know that you can get pretty creative with co-registration? That's right... the 20 year old marketing channel has been making a comeback, and there is a serious opportunity for marketers to make a big impact with co-reg by taking a creative approach to it. Just because a marketing method is older, doesn't mean you can't frame it in a new, refreshing way.

Here are our top tips for getting creative with your co-registration campaigns:

1. Attract attention by designing visuals that represent what your brand has to offer

Whether you are using a simple logo, a professional photo, or a newly designed graphic, remember that the best visual for your co-reg campaign will be one that shows people what your brand is all about - in just one glance. Make it attractive by using:

  • the right color combinations (Use this handy color wheel to help. Also check out this informative post on color pyschology.)
  • clear fonts and typography
  • well-organized symmetry
  • subtle use of negative space
  • consistent style and tone

Avoid using cliché design fads and don't forget to keep it simple! Go for an overall look that blends seamlessly into your ad and is easy to consume, and you will be sure to give your audience a visual experience that they can quickly relate to and enjoy.

2. Inspire action by choosing the right wording for your call to action

Most marketers have a way with words, but you have to make sure those words don't come off as just another corny sales pitch. To get the wording right for your co-reg offer, you must understand your target audience and write it with only them in mind. The finished product should speak to their motivations and needs, and come off as if your offer is exactly what they have been looking for.

Here are some other tips for writing the perfect call to action:

  • use words that inspire action and encourage people to take the next step, such as "Discover," "Learn," and "Join"
  • add a sense of urgency and scarcity by including words and phrases such as "Now," "Today Only," and "While Supplies Last"
  • imply exclusivity by using phrases such as "Be the first to," "Only available to," and "Become one of the few"

When you're finished, read through your wording and ask yourself if it would pique your curiosity. It is also important to make sure your final call to action spells out exactly what they will be receiving if they take action. Give them only what they need to know at first though... you'll want to leave them with something new to discover in your follow ups!

3. Motivate decision-making by positioning your message with repetition

In marketing and sales, there is a well known principle called the Rule of 7, which refers to how people need to see the same content at least seven times before they will decide to take action. Why is this?

Well, people tend to learn and remember things by repetition. Think about how you learned to ride a bike, or play a musical instrument - you practiced over and over again until you had the process memorized and felt confident doing it.

The same is true with your audience. They not only need to know who you are, they need to remember you! Repeat exposure helps them become familiar with your brand and the value it has to offer them. Repetition also helps build their trust, so make your co-reg content consistent with the other branded content you put out across the web. Consistent content showing up several times in all the places your audience is active (such as various websites or blogs that they visit, email, mobile, and social media) plays a key factor in persuading them that they are making the right decision.

4. Make it easy and enjoyable by simplifying your contact form

The contact/signup form is where your prospect will be giving you their information, so the goal is to keep it simple and don't ask too much. Simple doesn't have to mean boring though. In fact, there are many ways that you can get creative with your co-reg contact form, including:

  • a unique design or layout (here are some great ideas)
  • logos or icons that work as visual calls to action
  • wording that showcases personality instead of formality
  • multi-step functionality, especially when you need your prospect to fill out more than five fields

No matter what creative elements you incorporate into your contact form, the overall structure should make a good impression on your prospect and leave them feeling secure about signing up. Most importantly, make sure any visuals you use don't distract or confuse from the process, and the form is placed in an unmistakable spot on your website or publisher path.

5. Engage and nurture by creating timely, personalized follow ups

You have your prospect's expressed interest and contact information, so now is the time deliver what they signed up for. But what happens after that?

In order to turn your lead into a customer, you need a personalized nurture strategy that will help them build a relationship with your brand. Get together with all the people on your team who will be involved in this process and clearly define each role. You'll need to decide how the leads will be tracked and qualified, how often they will be followed up with, and what kind of content they will be receiving each time. The more alignment you have with your team on this process, the more likely you are to generate sales.

Follow up with the leads in a timely fashion, starting with the initial contact shortly after you receive their information. Use a variety of follow up content that provokes engagement and always make sure it offers some kind of educational or useful value to your prospect.   How does your team get creative with co-registration and other marketing campaigns? Please share your ideas with us and our audience in the comments!  

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