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What Makes a Great Email Marketing Campaign?

With over 205 billion emails sent and received every day, email marketing remains one of the best ways to reach your customer. Despite the success of social media and mobile marketing during the past decade, email has not only survived, but it has managed to evolve and stand the test of time. To see for yourself, just read this report published by...

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Email Best Practices that Encourage Opens and Clicks

When they want to know how well their email marketing campaigns are doing, marketers typically have a look at the open and click rates. As the names of these metrics suggest, the open rate tracks how many subscribers opened your email, while the click rate shows how many of those opens actually clicked through to the promotion or link that you feat...

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Getting Creative with Co-registration

Do you ever feel like your company focuses too much on goals and metrics... too much on results? What ever happened to the creative side of the marketing industry? Isn't that why many of us were drawn to it in the first place? Sometimes we all just need a little time to focus more on our roles as content creators. This is how the freshest and most...

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