Stats that Predict the Future Email Marketing Landscape

Research from the past few years proves that email marketing remains to be among the strongest channels for reaching customers and communicating your marketing message. With another new year just around the corner, we wanted to take a look at some email marketing statistics that caught our eye.

Keep reading below for stats that predict the future landscape of email marketing:

Email marketing ranks highest on ROI compared to other marketing strategies (Direct Marketing Association Annual Report). Each email marketing dollar goes further to efficiently engage potential customers and drive conversions compared to social, television, physical mail, and paid search advertisements. Email campaigns also are relatively low-risk investments with highly measurable results.

78% of consumers rank email as the most preferred communication platform (MarketingSherpa). In a world saturated with media competing for attention, consumers see their inbox as their personal vista. Email has the potential to connect to your customers when they are attentive and ready to enjoy a personalized communication.

91% of consumers check their email at least once a day from a mobile device (eMailmonday). Email is one of the only ways that a consumer can be reached while they are not at their computers or televisions.

The top quartile of companies had transactional email click-through rates six times larger than the median (IBM SilverPop Benchmark Study). When the top 25% of businesses happen to have extremely effective email communications, it only follows that well-crafted email campaigns still develop customer relationships and drive sales.

When you’re planning next year’s budget, remember that consumers are saying that they are checking their email inboxes every day, looking forward to personalized communications. If you are looking for a low-risk, high-return marketing strategy, consider running an email marketing campaign!


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