Email Best Practices that Encourage Opens and Clicks

When they want to know how well their email marketing campaigns are doing, marketers typically have a look at the open and click rates. As the names of these metrics suggest, the open rate tracks how many subscribers opened your email, while the click rate shows how many of those opens actually clicked through to the promotion or link that you featured in your email.

In order to increase open and click rates, and thereby improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns, marketers need to make sure they are following certain best practices. This involves the creation of emails that make a great first impression and include engaging content that captures a subscriber's attention and not only gets them to open, but also click.

This guest post by Kara Whitaker at Ghergich & Co. accurately describes the dilemma that marketers face when it comes to improving their opens and clicks, and reaching their overall email marketing goals. She follows it by answering the dilemma with an interactive infographic that breaks down several best practices that marketers can follow to ensure more success with their email marketing.

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[spacer height="16px"]How much time do you really spend thinking about your email campaigns? If you’re like many businesses, you probably dash off the words you need, throw on a subject line, and call it a day. Because, let’s face it: All those extra media and marketing efforts take a lot of time and expertise, and it’s hard to put the dollars and hours behind everything you’re supposed to do.

But if you don’t spend the time crafting a really good email campaign, you may miss out on more than you realize. Not only will you miss out on people opening the email and not doing whatever it is you want them to do, but you might also miss out on the fact that someone else — another business, another competitor — is doing it better than you and is getting people to click and to follow through on that action. How can you do better? This graphic explains it.

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