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What Marketers Need to Know About Declining Attention Spans

A study on attention spans conducted by the Canadian Consumer Insights team at Microsoft has been a hot topic among marketing professionals since its publication back in 2015. Findings in the report showed the average human attention span as dwindling - from 12 seconds in 2000 - to 8 seconds in 2013. In response, several marketers have shifted thei...

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Email Best Practices that Encourage Opens and Clicks

When they want to know how well their email marketing campaigns are doing, marketers typically have a look at the open and click rates. As the names of these metrics suggest, the open rate tracks how many subscribers opened your email, while the click rate shows how many of those opens actually clicked through to the promotion or link that you feat...

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How to Find the Fine Line Between Privacy and Personalization

There is a great paradoxical tension in the marketing world today. Customers want the content that brands send to them to be personalized, yet the sheer amount of content they receive each day overwhelms them and makes them demand more privacy. How can you send them the kind of personalized content they want, but also cut through all the marketing...

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How Social Media is Affecting Your Customers

How many times per day do you check your social media profiles? Several people check their smart phones, mobile devices, and computers constantly for social media likes, shares, retweets, mentions, friend requests, status updates, comments, and more. In fact, people spend an average of 3 hours per day social networking. Platforms like Facebook, Twi...

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