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5 Tips for Building Higher Performance Co-Registration Campaigns

Although it is the most affordable way to generate leads for direct marketing purposes, co-registration is often a misunderstood lead generation strategy. Co-registration, or co-reg as it’s often referred to, involves presenting offers and advertisement products from third parties to visitors going through a registration form or process on a websit...

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Take Your Co-registration to the Next Level

Co-registration still remains one of the most effective lead generation channels around. Not only is it one of the most cost-efficient types of lead gen, but coreg is also one of the most valid ways to target a qualified audience with permission-based lead collection. However, not having the knowledge, time or initiative to use co-registration corr...

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Co-registration Leads: Quality vs. Quantity

Quality leads are a top priority in today's marketing world. Successful marketers are the ones who consistently research new and efficient ways to acquire high quality opt-in leads for their databases. Although hardly a new lead generation tactic, co-registration (co-reg) remains one of the most effective means of capturing freshly interested prosp...

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