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5 Tips for Building Higher Performance Co-Registration Campaigns

Although it is the most affordable way to generate leads for direct marketing purposes, co-registration is often a misunderstood lead generation strategy. Co-registration, or co-reg as it’s often referred to, involves presenting offers and advertisement products from third parties to visitors going through a registration form or process on a websit...

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Take Your Co-registration to the Next Level

Co-registration still remains one of the most effective lead generation channels around. Not only is it one of the most cost-efficient types of lead gen, but coreg is also one of the most valid ways to target a qualified audience with permission-based lead collection. However, not having the knowledge, time or initiative to use co-registration corr...

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Why Co-registration is Growing

With so many exciting new marketing channels available today, it might be hard to believe that channels over 20 years old could still be relevant. Technology may forever be changing, and the list of new channels and tools for marketers to try may always be growing, but sometimes referring back to those old "tried-and-true" strategies is what ends u...

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